Macbook Setup


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Quality of Life Tools

  • Alfred - I prefer using this over macOS Spotlight since it does the job better and keeps it simple.

  • Choosy - This app opens links in the browser of your choice, you sometimes want different links to open in different browsers.

  • 1Password - My favorite password manager

  • Amphetamine - Prevents the machine from sleeping for a defined period

  • Homebrew - My preferred way to install tools on my Macbook

  • mpv video player - Fabulous video player which does a good job

  • Better Display -

  • Aldente Pro - Mac Charge Limiter

Developer Tools

  • SQL Client: Beekeeper Studio

  • Rubymine

  • Neovim

  • Fig

  • iTerm2 - Terminal Replacement for the macOS Terminal app


CLI Utilities

Browser Extensions


  • - fabulous bookmark manager

  • uOrigin Block